It’s a common misconception that Australia is all about barbeques. Of course, it’s true the hot weather make us spend more time outdoors and we are known for BBQ outdoor parties. But, there are different aspects to Australian cuisine beyond barbeques. Aussies love to taste different cuisines, and you could see a range of multi-cuisine restaurants, including Thai, Chinese, American, Turkish, Italian, and much more. Today, we could see other cuisine dishes incorporated into Australia’s everyday dining habits. One such popular dish is kebabs. Kebab is a popular dish worldwide. Who doesn’t want to eat that smoky flavoured, juicy meat and vegetables? Kebabs are one of the best dishes for your next backyard grill party. Quick and easy to make, and they are extremely versatile with nearly any ingredient that can be paired up with kebabs. Kebabs are indeed crowd-pleasing food that will impress people of all age group of people, including picky eaters. Here are a few tips for grilling that perfect kebabs:- Choose the Right Meat Cut Meat cut and size is are of the significant factors that you need to consider to attain the perfect kebabs. Various cuts of sirloin are the best for kebabs. Take samples from different Sydney kebab manufacturers and try them. The meat should be tender and shouldn’t be hard. You could also for Flat iron, strip steak, and tenderloin. The quality of the meat plays a significant role in getting the perfect grilled kebabs. So, buy kebab meat from reputed suppliers. Marinating Without marinates, the kebabs won’t be kebabs. Yes, you won’t get the flavours and juicy texture. Pour all the ingredients for marinating and apply on the meat and let it sit for about 45 or a night before grilling. For food safety reasons, always store it in the fridge after marinating. Cook Meat and Vegetables Separately Although meat and vegetables are combined together, it should be grilled separately. This is because the time taken for doner kebab meat and vegetables differ from each other. If cooked together, the chances are high that the ingredients might be overcooked or undercooked. So, make sure to cook them separately and then put together when serving. Cooking Time Meat should be cooked at the right temperature to make it juicier and tastier. If not, it would be brunt and become harder. Grill kebabs over direct heat of approximately 400F, and it requires approximately 8 to 10 minutes of total time on the grill.

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